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Hi. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about one of my channels that I chat in on ChatNet. It's called #ChristianCafe and it was my first channel. It's been in operation since about June of 1999. (My other channel is #WM3, but you can go Here to learn more about the WM3. But back to the subject at hand.

#ChristianCafe is the only place on ChatNet where you can get a home-cooked meal and learn about the LORD all at the same time! How may we serve you today? Channel master is the one and only GAhick. Any problems should be taken directly to her. You can email her through her webpage by clicking Here

Ops: The purpose of the ops are to conduct a suitable manner in the room. They have the ability to kick and/or ban anyone being offense, voice and de voice people and moderate the channel as to where they see fit. My list of ops is small, but they take very good care of my room: Here they are:

  1. GAhick level 500 (channel master)
  2. Kaeliana level 499
  3. DJG9282 level 498
  4. MiLeNkO level 400
  5. HangnMoss level 299
*Listen to these people and do as they say...they have power!*


  1. No bad language whatsoever!
  2. No blasphemy! (No saying bad junk about the LORD!)
  3. No op-begging!
  4. No CAPS- that's considered yelling and not very polite!
  5. No bad nicks or ip addys (that is up to the ops to decide!
  6. Be respectful to everyone's opinion. Everyone is entitled to one!
  7. Don't argue with the ops. That results in an automatic kick.
  8. No Advertising.
  9. No Idling!
Violations will result in a kick, and if you're bad enough a ban. Just be careful what you say or do. Mainly, just have fun! (We are not here for *debate*, just fellowshipping with others). Sit down, relax, and let the servers take care of you!

If you'd like to learn more about another Christian room I chat in, click Here

Thanx to Wendy for the cool background!

Click on the Cross/Fish to see my sister page. It's basically the same thing, but my friend Samantha got bored one night and changed the index page around!