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"SCS Everybody Yell"

This page is dedicated to a group of very special ladies who are my friends both on and off the court. They can make me laugh in my time of need and are there for me as I am there for them too. So, to Jamie, Stacy, Beth, Brittany, and Beth, this is for you!!!!

Christian Winner's Creed

I believe that a true winner always does his best. Never to the glory of self, but always to the glory of God. With the Lord's help, I will strive to be a true winner today.

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to update this page. I'll try to do better in the futere. We have a great Varsity squad this year. We're probably the most laughingist squad in SCS history. Plus we truly have fun together. There's no tension or any of the other stuff that surfaced last year. Anyway. The squad lineup is as follows. Captain is Stacy again, and Co-Captain is Jennifer (me). Brittany, Beth M., Beth R., and Jamie make up the rest of the squad. We got new uniforms this year. They are so awesome! (Thanx millions Ms. Marilyn!!) White skirts with just a band of red and blue at the bottom, and vests with body suits underneath. Much better than those awful acrylic sweaters! I hope to have some pictures up soon. Until then, Happy Cheerleading! "YELL IT, YEAH! RED, WHITE AND BLUE!"