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GAhick's All Time Top 10 Favorite Movies, Bands, and Songs!


10). Romeo and Juliet
9). Stir of Echoes
8). 10 Things I Hate About You
7). Cruel Intentions
6). The Crow: City of Angels
5). The Sixth Sense
4). Armageddon
3). Empire Records/Dazed and Confused (tie)
2). Titanic
1). The Crow


10). Def Leppard
9). Silverchair
8). Everclear 
7). Aerosmith
6). Stone Temple Pilots
5). Third Eye Blind
4). Metallica
3). Kid Rock
2). KoRn
1). Bush


10). Where U At Rock? (Kid Rock)
9). Father of Mine (Everclear)
8). ADIDAS (KoRn)
7). God Gave Rock and Roll To You (KISS)
6). Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
5). Only God Knows Why (Kid Rock)
4). Falling Away From Me (KoRn)
3). Shame (Stabbing Westward)
2). I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)
1). Anything by Bush!!!

Disclaimer: These are by no means affiliated by any magazines or polls taken. They are simply my favorites and my opinion stated. Again I stress that I did not take these from any is simply for my enjoyment, and my opinion stated. Any questions or comments can be sent to: Thank you and have a nice day.