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    Well, let's see. I know you're probably familiar with the other page about me, but I wanted to try something a little differently. As I said on the first page, my name is Jennifer and I am 16 years old. I feel like I've been 16 forever, but in just a couple of months, i'll be 17 finally. I am officially a Senior in High School and I will attend Sumter Christian School. (Although I really wish I was attending Murray County High School in Georgia) Right now I'm on a Crow kick. You know like the movies The Crow and The Crow: City of Angels and the series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven. I'm in love with Brandon Lee. (RIP 1965-1993) I work at a restaurant called Quincy's where I am not a waitress. I am a Server of Food. (Waitresses write down your orders. I don't do that. You go through a line, order then I serve it to you. Hence the name Server of Food) My few close friends include Samantha, Kevin (one of the many loves of my life), Brad (have a huge crush on him), Jennifer O., Pamela, Honey Dawn (yes that's her Real name), Stacy, and Kenney. My dream car is a midnight blue camaro with my name painted in silver or white under the windows on the door. My fave food is Chinese, my fave drink is the mighty Mt. Dew, and my fave color is Black. I think that's all about me for now.

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I live with my Mom and my Dad. My sisters are 23 and 24 years older than me and have families all their own. My oldest nephew is married, in the Marines and expecting a baby (Deven Blake) around the 1st of September. So I'll be a 17 year old Great Aunt. My other nephew is more like my big brother. He'll marry Alison, his girlfriend, as soon as she gets out of nursing school. He's da bomb. He just got his tongue pierced. :) No one but me in my family has a webpage. Sorry :(


I have some of the craziest friends in the world I think. One of them is named Spammer. (Well, her name is Samantha, but I call her Spammer, and she calls me Jennay. But really she's Dr. Evil and I'm MiniMe LOL). Pamela and I work together at Quincy's and are always goofing off. Kenney...well...Kenney's just weird at times. Stacy is a retard. She and I watch out for trees and migrating geese (inside joke). Honey Dawn is just a trip. She has some of the best blonde jokes ever. Brad is an athiest. Case closed on that matter. And then there's my beloved Kevin. He's 21, in the army, stationed in Alaska, airborne, red-beret, and he's really sweet. I feel like he treats me like a princess. I love him soooo much!


Well, I eat, sleep, work, talk, get on the internet, and watch t.v. Other than that, I like to cheer. Cheerleading is my life. I listen to music too. (My fave band of all time is Bush. Gavin Rossdale--ROCK ON! I hope he doesn't marry Gwen Stefani...then I'd just die!)